‘International Summer School of Social Work’

There are a variety of workshops and project visits related to the Summer School theme over the ten days and you get the opportunity to link practice and theory in a more diverse way, and with people from all over Europe.

Outline of Activity

The Europe Institute for Social Work at Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, in Berlin, hosts this 10 day event each year, usually in July. Each year a particular topic relevant to Social Work across Europe is identified as the theme for the Summer School. Students are required to prepare a presentation on this topic in their home country and present it at the Summer School.

Learning Outcomes


  • Recognise the skills needed to engage and interact with social work students in an international context
  • Understand issues relevant to social work in other countries and cultures
  • Appreciate the context of social work in other countries and cultures.


  • From the experience, reflect on and assimilate information to help inform future career planning in social work.
  • Reflect on own prejudice in relation to other countries and cultures.


  • Reflect on and improve own learning and performance.
  • Develop presentation skills in unfamiliar contexts


  • Evidence of advanced communication skills in social work practice.
  • Evidence problem solving skills in unfamiliar environments.
  • The activities in this module are designed to increase your awareness of the experiences of social work practice in an international context to broaden your perspectives and learn from other practices and traditions.

Assessment Details

  • Participation in all preparatory sessions
  • Preparation of a presentation relevant to the Summer School topic.
  • Evidence of having undertaken the required reading
  • Attendance and active engagement in the Summer School
  • Submission of evaluation of project and presentation to next year cohort on this event.

Level of Commitment

20 full days:

The commitment requires attendance at the Summer School for 10 full days, and allow 2 days for travel to and from the event in Berlin, Germany. Furthermore, you are required to attend at least two preparatory sessions.

In addition there is a requirement to complete the relevant application, raise the fee (approximately €200), complete the necessary reading on the topic and prepare the presentation to a standard fit for presentation at the event. This will be agreed by your tutor.

Students will be asked to keep a written record of evaluation of each project day and complete a final evaluation of the overall event.

Finally students will be asked to attend one of the preparatory sessions for the following year cohort and to copresent on their experience of the event.