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Honour Roll

The Honour Roll Programme is a unique 'sport for personal development' intervention delivered in the most disadvantaged areas of the school sector.

Outline of Activity

The Honour Roll programme aims to assist in the preparation of young people (aged 8-11 years old) from disadvantaged or underrepresented communities for transitioning to secondary level education via a 10 week sport and physical activity, personal development and raising aspirations programme. Honour Roll also aims to to facilitate a sustained relationship with the University for young people from disadvantaged areas and the local schools using sport.

Learning Outcomes

During the sessions development areas which will be covered will include the following:

  • Enhanced active citizenship
  • Educational attainment
  • Fears and expectations
  • Personal development planning

Learning outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of 'sport for development' work in a professional setting
  • Coaching delivery experience
  • Mentoring experience
  • Upskilling in professional responsibilities in the work place
  • Demonstrate a range of coaching and learning strategies in the delivery of activity sessions with participants

Assessment Details

  • Attend Honour Roll quality assurance training (1/2 day)
  • Successfully attain pre-required level of competence prior to deployment
  • Completion of the 10 week Honour Roll curriculum
  • Completion ofo a series of a pre-set key performance indicators

Level of Commitment

34 hours to include:

Programme delivery: 10 weeks x 3 hours

Quality Assurance training: 1 week x 4 hours


Design and development of this programme has kindly been supported by the Sport Changes Life Foundation. The programme is managed and coordinated by Prof Deirdre Brennan, Director of Sports Outreach, School of Sport.

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