History Research Project Conference

Participants will organise and run the History Research Project Conference, at which their cohort will present on their project aims and approach, to History staff panels, supervision groups & interested Year 2 students.

Outline of Activity

Activities will include: organising, coordinating and running all aspects of the conference, with nominal guidance of History staff, particularly the History Research Project Coordinator e.g. arranging for a key note speaker, establishing panels, booking rooms, managing running orders, arranging the conference reception etc.

Learning Outcomes

Upon diligent completion of activities, participants should be able to demonstrate:

  1. Enhanced verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Improved team work and collaborative skills.
  3. More advanced organisation and management skills.
  4. Improved time management skills.
  5. Greater confidence and self-esteem.

Assessment Details


  1. Documentary evidence of organisation e.g. copies of letters, emails, organisational records, receipts, forms etc.
  2. Reflective report detailing thought on the activities involved and self-evaluation of performance and personal benefits & skills achieved. (word limit 1500 words)
    Guidance to be provided by Dr. Leonie Murray – History Research Project Coordinator.

Level of Commitment

20 hours.

Related Staff

Dr Leonie Murray

Lecturer in International Politics
School of Arts & Humanities
+44 28 7012 4230
I021 - Coleraine campus

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