History Ambassadors

The activity will include making contact with the school, at least one visit, preparing and presenting a brief presentation, and writing a reflective report on their positive experiences and the transferrable skills they have acquired and augmented.

Outline of Activity

Participants will visit their old secondary schools (accompanied by a member of the History staff) to discuss studying History at UU with AS and A Level students

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the activity students will demonstrate:

  1. enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  2. team-working and collaborating with UU and secondary school staff effectively
  3. an ability to inspire and motivate others on the benefits of studying the Humanities
  4. effective time management and planning
  5. enhanced digital and written presentation skills
  6. additional confidence in addressing large and small groups.

Assessment Details

The assessment consists of four brief components:

  1. Drafting a letter of introduction and contacting the school
  2. Preparing a brief 5-10 minute powerpoint (or similar) presentation
  3. Visiting the school, delivering the presentation, and talking informally with secondary school pupils
  4. Writing a 1,000-word report reflecting on the experience and the skills it has helped to develop.

In all four components participants will receive assistance from Dr Kyle Hughes, History Course Director and Dr Leanne McCormick, History's Schools' Liaison Officer.

Level of Commitment

20 hours.

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