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Formula Student

Students will “conceive, design, build, cost, present and compete as a team" with a small single-seat racing car in a series of static and dynamic competition.

Outline of Activity

To participate as a core member of the Ulster Formula Student team at the IMechE competition. The format of the event is such that it provides an ideal opportunity for the students to demonstrate and improve their capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding environment of a motorsport competition.”

Learning Outcomes

  • Create new processes or products through synthesis of ideas from a wide range of sources, but within the
    bounds of a strict regulatory framework (FS Rules)
  • Analyse systems, processes and components and apply engineering knowledge and understanding to them
  • Evaluate and quantify risks/benefits associated with a particular solution.
  • Design systems, components and processes.
  • Propose and defend ideas through drawing, modelling (physical and/or computer) and simulation with critical analysis of results.
  • Research and integrate information from a variety of sources.
  • Express creativity and innovation in problem solving.
  • Work with limited or contradictory information.
  • Apply the engineering approach to the solution of problems.
  • Manage time and resources.
  • Work within and lead a team.
  • Make oral and written presentations.

Assessment Details

As well as producing a fully operational vehicle, the team will also produce the associated documentation.
Thus the overall team submissions will include;

  • Business logic case
  • Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet
  • Impact attenuator report
  • Cost report
  • Design report
  • Business presentation

The only additional formal submission should be a reflective appraisal of the activity, where students get the
chance to review the years’ work, highlighting areas of success, and also activities which need to improve.

Level of Commitment

  • The Entry is an official Ulster representation, thus highlighting the accountability of each and every student towards the overall project.
  • Significant time is required in committing to the Formula Student project. During the teaching semesters, each team member would be expected to contribute a minimum of 8 hours on a weekly basis.
  • This time load increases from the Examination period until the actual event (From mid-May to Early-July).
  • The team members are also required to attend the Silverstone competition, meaning a 6 day, on-site activity.

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