Excel Software Workshop – Department of Global Business and Enterprise

The aim of this workshop is to increase the employability prospects of students in the Department of Global Business & Enterprise by giving them practical experience of the use of Excel.

Outline of Activity

The workshop will provide students with training on how Excel software is utilised in practice and industry. Students will work on excel databases and will enter business transactions onto the software packages using prescribed business cases. Students will then use the software to present and analyse the business transactions. This workshop is targeted at students who are in their second and final degree year. The workshop is not suitable for students who have completed BMG259 Academic and Business Analytic Skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to use the Excel software package
  • Gain commercial and business awareness
  • Learn how to analyse business data using software
  • Learn how to present business data

Assessment Details

  • Students will be required to perform a number of tasks on the software packages which will incorporate analysing and presenting data on business cases.
  • Students will complete an online quiz and online reflection to demonstrate that they have performed and understand the tasks.

Level of Commitment

20 hours in total.

Commitment Requirements

Recorded and live sessions

18 hours

Online Quiz and reflection

2 hours

Total hours

20 hours

Related Staff

Claire Scott-Mcateer

Lecturer in Accounting and Taxation
Department of Global Bus. & Enterprise
+44 28 7167 5560
ML011 - Magee campus

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Clodagh Hegarty

Lecturer in Accounting
Department of Global Bus. & Enterprise
+44 28 7167 5332
ML012 - Magee campus

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Dr Helen Shiels

Lecturer in Management
Department of Global Bus. & Enterprise
+44 28 7167 5344
ML203 - Magee campus

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