Event Participation with Special Olympics Ulster

Special Olympics Ulster is an organisation which provides a sports training and competition programme for children and adults with an intellectual disability.

Outline of Activity

This initiative requires students on the BSc Leisure and Events management to volunteer at least two Special Olympics events at either an operational or a supervisory level.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this activity it will enable students to achieve personal and professional development by:

  • Helping the student recognise, and deal with customers with intellectual disabilities.
  • Increasing a student's knowledge and understanding of emotions and how emotions can be displayed.
  • Helping the student reflect on their experience and the outcomes of each event.
  • Helping the student recognise good and bad practice in event management.
  • Enhancing the career prospects of the student through knowledge gained and experience.

Mutual Benefits

The aim is to enhance the student experience by providing a unique learning environment which they could access during all four years of their programme. This will allow the student to gain key employability skills and demonstrate global citizenship in action. The Special Olympics recognises the mutual benefits that can be gained from working with students from Ulster University. This is summed up in the following quote from Shaun Cassidy Regional Director for Special Olympics Ulster: "The Special Olympics Ulster Events Programme is planned, organised and delivered by our teams of dedicated volunteers from across the province. This partnership with the BSc Leisure and Events Management provides a great opportunity for Special Olympics to raise the awareness of our programme and continue the development of quality competition for our athletes. As volunteers students get the opportunity to attend events, meet the Special Olympic athletes and change lives."

Assessment Details

  1. Complete and pass the online induction module.
  2. Attend and participate in a Special Olympics 'event management' workshop.
  3. Attend 2 Special Olympics Events.
  4. Critically evaluate their own performance at the end of each event.
  5. Students will also have a log book that they will need to keep track of during the process.

Level of Commitment

A student will be required to complete /pass the online training module, participate in a Special Olympics 'event management' workshop and volunteer at least two Special Olympics events.

Combined this will equate to 24 hours.

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