Employability Intervention Initiative

In conjunction with the University of Ulster, AKU training has developed an Employability Intervention Initiative dedicated to enhancing employability skills and opportunities for students.

Outline of Activity

The programme provides a structured development path for students and provides evidence of practical skills in written communication, developing effective working relationships, budgeting and finance skills and standards of behaviour in the workplace. In addition to helping graduates secure a job, it will also help them to develop as young professionals and to demonstrate their commitment to personal and professional development.

Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of the training programme is to enhance students’ employability skills and provide evidence of their potential value to an organisation.
Specifically, the programme seeks to enable students to:

  • Communicate clearly, concisely and in a way that will be understood by the audience.
  • Produce accurate written communications that portray a professional image of both the writer and the organisation
  • Support good practice financial management and effectively manage and control budgets.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, customers and key stakeholders.
  • Create a positive impact in a variety of work related situations.
  • Exemplify standards of behaviour as a way of enabling good governance.

Assessment Details

The programme comprises four modules:

  1. Effective Report Writing
  2. Budgeting and Financial Management Techniques
  3. Developing Effective Relationships at Work
  4. Corporate Governance and Standards of Behaviour.

Each module is delivered during a half-day lecture with the four modules delivered over two nonconsecutive days. The face-to-face delivery is combined with pre-course reading and development of a Learning Log that tests students’ knowledge of the topics covered in the lectures ie aspects of written communication, relationship building, financial management and governance in practice.

Development of the Learning Log is self-directed and forms the course assessment.

Level of Commitment

Face-to-face training16 hours
Pre-course reading and study8 hours
Post-course assessment6 hours

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