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Education and Drama in Healthcare

Education & Drama in Healthcare

Outline of Activity

Nursing students in year 3 and Drama students in year 2 will explore the use of drama in healthcare education and patient care through engagement with each other in a set of educational and confidence building activities that will ultimately result in them acting as patients / clients in a variety of healthcare scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this activity, students will:

  • Work collaboratively in a cross-disciplinary team
  • Analyse and develop their presentation of self to others (through use of appropriate body language, tone of speech)
  • Advance their self-confidence
  • Expand their repertoire of communication skills
  • Evaluate the use of role play in education
  • Explore the potential for integration of drama within healthcare settings

Assessment Details

Students will complete a record of the event with information on:

  1. What were the 3 best aspects of the interaction and 3 elements that would have improved it?
  2. How the skills they have developed during this activity will be of benefit to their future professional practice.

Students should submit this account to Carmel Quigley within 1 week of the activity.

Level of Commitment

Independent study: organisation and preparation: 15 hours

Face-to-Face contact: 15 hours

Total: 30 hours

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