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Communication event management and organisation training

Students will engage with the Office of Innovation to assist in all of the stages of organising and delivering a professional events management service.

Outline of Activity

Students will be provided with training in the key areas of event management: Critical Path Analysis, Database design, Budget control, Customer relations and others as required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will appreciate the requirement of planning and preparation, of excellent team work.
  • They will develop interpersonal and self-presentation skills.
  • They will acquire skills in project planning and management. Students will become skilled in database design and application.

Assessment Details

  • Students will be required to keep and submit a reflective log and a part assessment tool to evaluate both their own and their colleagues performance.
  • They will in addition complete a number of summative and formative assessments on each of the taught elements of the activity

Level of Commitment

40 hours to include:

Attendance at four seminar / workshop sessions

12 hours

Scheduled team briefings and updates across the project

6 hours

Working on the various stages of project planning, implementation and evaluation

22 hours

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