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COMMET Event Management Mentoring

Studets will ensure the Events Management activity is undertaken by the COMET group they will be available to offer direction and suggestions to ensure the success if the program.

Outline of Activity

Participants who have previously successfully completed the COMET activity will provide advice, support and mentoring to students enrolling on the activity for the first time.

Learning Outcomes

The activity will develop and reinforce the learning previously undertaken within the COMET activity and in addition:

  • Provide experience of the challenges of mentoring others
  • Display the interpersonal skills of effectively transferring skills and knowledge to others
  • Improve still further their essential skills of excellent interpersonal communication
  • Increase their appreciation of logistics and planning when co-coordinating team activity

Assessment Details

A report of 500 words is required detailing at least TWO event activities undertaken with at least 4 COMET participants.

This should reflect on the strengths and areas for development in their skills.

Level of Commitment

20 hours to include:

With additional time for the completion of reports and evaluations.

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