Client Care Skills

Open to Law and Social Work students this training will help students to develop essential client care skills from the initial interview stage, to discussing a client's legal requirements.

Outline of Activity

Students will learn the importance of the following issues: . agreeing what services the Law Clinic/SJH will provide . discuss whether the outcomes will justify the risk to the client . explain the process and what will happen - for example, the steps in a employment or family law case . students will inform the client about any complications which commonly occur in the service they want, and the different ways things could progress Providing the client with an overview will help them understand the legal process.

Learning Outcomes

. Develop legal and non - legal problem-solving skills
. Comply with the rules of professional conduct and issues of client care and to recognise conflicts of interest
. Be aware of the attendant costs, benefits and risks involved in any set of proceedings or course of action and to be able to react to these appropriately
. Maintain proper notes/files and in relation to the running of tribunal cases

Assessment Details

Students will be briefed in advance of the client issue to be addressed and will be expected to have read around the issue for consultation in advance and to have prepared a number of subject related questions which they will ask during the consultation. A post consultation debrief will be held to provide feedback to the student and to ensure that they continue to develop client consultation skills on each occasion.

Level of Commitment

20+ hours across any semester


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