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Certified Agile Fundamentals

Participants are required to implement learning from the 2 day workshop training within their placement organisation and demonstrate its impact through a written submission.

Outline of Activity

SQS is a company that, among other things, run a range of industry training courses and are offering Ulster University's computing students the opportunity to undertake the "Certified Agile Fundamentals" course at a reduced rate during their placement year. This follow-up activity will require a minimum of a further 14 hours.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the values, principles, mind-set, and basic techniques of agile.
  2. Demonstrate an agile approach
  3. Work in an agile team
  4. Communicate value with stakeholders
  5. Apply evolutionary design

Assessment Details

Participants are required to implement learning from the initial face to face training within their organisation and then demonstrate the impact through a further written submission which is then assessed by the trainers.

This submission determines whether professional certification is awarded. Only students who gain the professional recognition would be deemed to have completed this EDGE activity.

Level of Commitment

Minimum of 30 hours to include: 

2 full days undertaking face to face training.

16 hours

This will be followed by a period of implementing the learning within the workplace and then writing a reflective assessment on the impact.

14 hours

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