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Belfast Hills Partnership – Environmental Training Programme

This Partnership delivers a week long environmental training programme to equip students with key skills for the environmental industry.

Outline of Activity

Students are introduced to a variety of career options while developing practical skills such as conservation tasks, surveys and GIS. The programme also enables students to network with peers while gaining the opportunity to meet environmental experts in local companies. This course is delivered in Belfast and runs in March each year. The programme is linked to the John Muir Award.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop a range of practical skills in relation to environmental careers.
  • Network with a range of other environmental scientists at various stages of their career.
  • Investigate environmental issues and identify appropriate strategies for conservation and
  • Enhancement of natural resources.
  • Share knowledge of environmental issues through a range of media.

Assessment Details

As part of the programme with the Belfast Hills Partnership, students:

  • Create a wild fire map using GIS software. This map should be shared with Dr Paul McKenzie ( for EDGE assessment.
  • Students should also write a reflective summary on their experience with the Belfast Hills Partnership during the week long programme (500 words).
  • Staff from the Belfast Hills Partnership must also confirm student attendance and completion of the training.

Level of Commitment

30 hours (training, reflection, educating groups, completion of EDGE activity).


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