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Building Relationships & International Construction Knowledge

Working with guidance from academic staff, students will develop a presentation on the construction industry within the UK and Ireland and how it differs from other countries in mainland Europe.

Outline of Activity

Architecture, Engineering and Construction are truly global professions. It is not uncommon to find that design is simultaneously performed in different countries; material is procured from sources around the world; and construction is performed by a workforce that is multicultural, multilingual and multinational. Resultantly, it is important that students have an appreciation of architecture, engineering and construction internationally and an awareness of the various construction innovations taking place. The presentation will be recorded and used as part of a ‘global construction course’ with students from a consortium of universities located in China, India, Canada and the U.S. viewing the presentation. These students will produce a similar presentation and share with participants to offer an appreciation of construction practices, innovations and techniques globally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Wider knowledge of global construction practices
  • Employability skills.

Assessment Details

  • Attendance at two workshops, one prior to commencement of project and one during the project
  • Participation in preparation of presentation
  • Participation in delivery of presentation
  • Viewing presentations from the consortium of Universities involved
  • Log book of key construction activities in each country.

Level of Commitment

30 hours to include:

Attendance at two workshops

4 hours

Scheduled time with mentor

4 hours

Researching information to be included in presentation

5 hours

Preparation of presentation

4 hours

Delivery/ Recording of presentation

3 hours

Viewing global construction presentations and creating log book

10 hours

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