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Supporting Sentinus STEM Programmes as a Mentor/ Link Scientist or Engineer

There are a range of STEM Programmes that require undergraduate or postgraduate support as a Mentor or Activity Leader.

Outline of Activity

This will involve a period of training followed by placement in a school. All of the programmes end with a Celebration/Assessment Day part of which will involve the university students reflecting on their input and commitment to the programme. Examples of specific activities that undergraduates or postgraduates have opportunities to become involved in include, Sentinus Engineering Solutions, IET Smart Energy Programme, Tomorrow's Engineers Go4SET Programme, Junior Engineering Challenge, Experiences of Work, Judging at Sentinus Young innovators.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course of their involvement with the Sentinus STEM programmes, the university students will get the opportunity to develop, use and refine a range of skills and capabilities, for example;

  • Communication skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal-setting and Time Management Skills
  • Innovation Skills
  • Teamworking Skills
  • Taking Initiative

This is a brief outline of the range of experiences that the students will encounter.

Assessment Details

Maintain a log of their input into whatever programme they are linked to. They will also be expected to reflect on their experiences with the programme in terms of the benefits that accrue from their involvement. Students will participate in the Celebration/Assessment.

Level of Commitment

40 hours to include:

Link scientist or Engineer training

5 hours

Preparation for placement

4-6 hours

Placement in the school

16-20 hours

Celebration/Assessment Day

6 hours

Self-assessment/Reflection and Completion of Activity Log

3 hours


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