Sentinus Student Mentor

This is an opportunity to motivate school pupils about environmental challenges across the world such as plastic pollution to carbon emissions. You will act as a STEM Mentor for Sentinus which is a leading educational charity.

Outline of Activity

Recycling, waste reduction, pollution, carbon emissions, biodiversity and climate change are all topics for discussion in this activity! Sentinus are developing a new "Green Futures" programme for Key Stage 3 school pupils throughout Northern Ireland. STEM Mentors are needed to work with school pupils in order to identify solutions to environmental challenges.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course of their involvement with the Sentinus STEM programmes, the university students will get the opportunity to develop, use and refine a range of skills and capabilities, for example;

  • Communication skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal-setting and Time Management Skills
  • Innovation Skills
  • Teamworking Skills
  • Taking Initiative

This is a brief outline of the range of experiences that the students will encounter.

Assessment Details

Maintain a log of their input into whatever programme they are linked to. They will also be expected to reflect on their experiences with the programme in terms of the benefits that accrue from their involvement. The logbook should include photographs of posters completed by pupils along with a letter of support from class teachers.

Web Address for more details of Activity:

Level of Commitment

20 hours to include:

  • training
  • preparation
  • time in schools
  • reflection


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