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Mentoring Peer Fieldwork

Facilitate 3 hour workshop during Year 1 Sociology Field Trip.

Outline of Activity

Students at Level 5 and 6 will work with the first year students on the field trip and facilitate the various sociological activities and small group work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide support and facilitate Level 4 students on their annual Sociology Field Trip
  • Read and prepare key discussion questions for fieldwork theme
  • Produce a reflective learning diary about the experience in relation to applied sociology and sociology in the classroom.

Assessment Details

  • Students will be asked to produce a reflective learning piece that outlines their role, responsibilities and reflections on participating in facilitating Level 4 students carrying out applied sociology in the field.
  • The reflective piece will include a personal account of the activities they have facilitated and a discussion of the ways in which they have benefitted from their role as peer mentors on the Field Trip.

Level of Commitment

25 hours:

preparation including 1 hour preparatory meeting with convenor10 hours
Field Trip including 3 hours face-to-face working with students5 hours
Writing up reflective piece10 hours