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Policy Lab

Students attend workshops with a focus on creating links between their academic studies and employability, developing personal development plans and competencies.

Outline of Activity

Workshops will also focus on databases, developing confidence around public speaking and networking in civil society and the public sector. Attend workshops to develop an understanding of how your academic work contributes to your employability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop strong, sustainable habits around career planning and skills development.
  • Identify skills gaps and action plans to address these through their studies.
  • Build confidence in networking in and outside the university, and gain clear understanding how these networks can be used to progress their personal development goals.
  • Develop strong verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking, interpersonal communications, and social media presence.

Assessment Details

  1. Weekly participation through nearpod engagement activities (eg, tests) in individual lab sessions.
  2. One public speaking exercise, which involves a creative means of communicating a complex idea to a varied audience.
  3. The development of a personal statement and accompanying infographic outlining their strengths in the policy and/or research field.

Level of Commitment

3 hours to include:


1 hour

Independent Study

2 hours

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