Subject Specific Opportunities

Architectural Technology Placement Preparation Module

This module is taken by Year 2 Architectural Technology students at the Jordanstown campus. It includes activities which are aimed at enhancing students employability skills and preparing them for the world of work.

Building Online Editing and Creative Writing Skills

1st and 2nd year Students will be encouraged to develop a portfolio of writing on various social media platforms which demonstrates their skills in creative and critical writing.

Business Taxation in Ireland

The workshop will introduce students to business taxation in the Republic of Ireland. Students will work through a simulated business case study which will include elements of Irish Income Tax, VAT and Pay as You Earn (PAYE).

Chartered Institute of Marketing Pitch Competition

The Pitch is a nationwide competition designed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing to recognise and reward the marketing talent of the future.

Civil Engineering Student Membership Scheme

This activity recognises students who have maximised the opportunities afforded to them by student membership of the professional bodies and used the resources to develop and enhance their employability.

Client Care Skills

Open to Law and Social Work students this training will help students to develop essential client care skills from the initial interview stage, to discussing a client's legal requirements.

Code Club

Students from the school of Computing & Mathematics and school of Computing & Intelligent Systems volunteer for 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight in an after school coding club in a local primary school, library, or community centre.

Coleraine Cornfield Biodiversity Project

The Cornfield Project aims to transform a piece of unused urban land into woodland, wildflower areas, environmental project trails, bird / bat boxes, nature zones and outdoor teaching facilities.

Continuum (Belfast School of Art)

The CONTINUUM Project involved students in the digital curation and investigation of artworks from the University's Art Collection displayed across the Belfast campus.

Cultural Awareness: in preparation for the multicultural workplace

The workshop approach to the delivery of this learning session will develop your ability to operate and manage effectively in a multicultural working environment.

Cystic Fibrosis Study Buddy

Looking for an opportunity to practically help patients and experience working with healthcare professionals to promote patient self healthcare management. This activity is for you!

Education and Drama in Healthcare

Nursing students in year 3 and Drama students in year 2 will explore the use of drama in healthcare education and patient care.

Employability Skills Diary

Third year History students audit and record activities on their dissertation which have an employability element. These activities include being able to work with minimum supervision, punctuality, consultation, presentation skills both verbal and written.

English and Poetry Society (open to English students)

Contribute to the organisation, running and administration of a society for English students interested in creative writing.

Event Participation with Special Olympics Ulster

Special Olympics Ulster is an organisation which provides a sports training and competition programme for children and adults with an intellectual disability.

Excel Skills Development

A workshop to help Accounting, Finance & Economics Students gain a better understanding of how Excel are used within any accounting and professional services sector.

Excel Software Workshop – Department of Global Business and Enterprise

The aim of this workshop is to increase the employability prospects of students in the Department of Global Business & Enterprise by giving them practical experience of the use of Excel.

Geography Ambassadors Scheme

The prestigious Geography Ambassador scheme runs across the UK each year. This is a unique opportunity for students to take part in while gaining excellent employability skills.

Geospatial Programming Skills

School of Geography and Environmental Science students can develop programming or scripting skills through online courses such as MOOCs or the Esri Virtual Campus.

Google Digital Garage: Career Development

This activity is open to Interactive Media and Communication, Advertising and Marketing students.

Google Digital Garage: Data and Tech

This activity is open to Interactive Media and Communication, Advertising and Marketing students.

Google Digital Garage: Digital Marketing

This activity is open to Interactive Media & Communication, Advertising and Marketing students.

History Ambassadors

The activity will include making contact with the school, at least one visit, preparing and presenting a brief presentation, and writing a reflective report on their positive experiences and the transferrable skills they have acquired and augmented.

History Course Rep (Drop-in Centre)

The initiative is designed to provide History students with an informal and welcoming space where they can raise issues or seek advice from their course reps on all matters relating to their degree.

History Research Project Conference

Participants will organise and run the History Research Project Conference, at which their cohort will present on their project aims and approach, to History staff panels, supervision groups & interested Year 2 students.

Imagine Cup Competition

Imagine Cup is a global competition that empowers the next generation of computer science students to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications that shape how we live, work and play.

Business - Interview Skills Development

The simulator is designed for repeat student engagement to develop skills.

Law society for NI, Client Counselling Competition

Students are provided with a brief memorandum on a legal matter which they must research. They must also engage with client care directions provided by the Law Society of NI.

Luach Breise (‘Added Value’)

This is a unique opportunity for full-time students to gain work experience through work-based learning.

Marketing Institute of Ireland Pitch Competition

This Pitch is a competition were students are asked to reflect upon the Future of Work for Marketing Graduates.

School of Communication and Media Buddy Scheme

Students from the School of Communication and Media often play an informal advice giving and mentoring role via open events and induction sessions.

Microsoft Technology Associate Certification

Successful completion and award of two or more Microsoft Technology Associate examinations.

Mind Your Mood - Mental Fitness

This activity is achieved through completing twenty hours of engagement with Mental Health initiatives through Student Support, Mind Your Mood and UUSU.

Mind Your Mood Ambassador

This programme aims to establish a network of student champions that promote positive mental health in Ulster University, their courses, teams, clubs and societies, as well as the wider community.

Mooting Mentoring and Training (open to law students)

Student(s) will prepare materials for training and engage with other students in preparation for participation in external Moot Court competitions on behalf of Ulster University.

Pharmacy - NICE Student Champion

This programme provides pharmacy students with an opportunity to build skills in finding best practice in health and social care, and to develop their teaching and presenting skills through sharing this knowledge with their fellow students.

Nutrition Communication

The lecture on "Nutrient Functions & Health Benefits: Communication to and through Health Influencers" will explain how Health Influencers Communication Programming can be done.

Outreach perspective

Nursing students have opportunities within the course to participate and represent the School of Nursing at research exercises, curriculum design, outreach and marketing events and induction sessions.

PANI Advertising Competition

Only open to BSc Com, Ad and Marketing and BDEs Graphic Design and Illustration. Students from the School of Communication and School of Art and Design form cross-disciplinary teams, are assigned to a mentor ad agency.

Participation in the ‘Young People as Educators’ project.

There are two main initiatives to this project both involving young people in contact with the criminal justice system and social work students from the Magee campus.

Peer Assisted Study Skills 1

PASS is a teaching initiative derived from the American model of Supplemental Instruction (SI), which involves using senior students (PASS leaders) to facilitate group learning in modules you have successfully completed.

Peer Assisted Study Skills 2

The rationale behind these modules is to train you in the basic elements of PASS, thereby enabling you to facilitate study sessions for groups of lower year students in a non-threatening environment.

Peer Facilitation and Feedback

'Preparation for Practice Learning' Module is a pre-requisite module which must be successfully completed prior to social work students commencing their first work based placement.

Peer Mentoring (Hospitality & Tourism Management students)

Second year students of IHM(6109) and CAM (6110) of their UG degree mentor the incoming first year student transitioning from school for period of one academic year.

School of Art- Peer Mentoring Programme

Second year students are selected to act as peer mentors for all new first year students.

Peer Mentorship in Health Sciences

This activity is open to year 2 and year 3 students. Year 3 students must have completed this activity by March in their final year in order to apply for the EDGE award.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Ambassador

Students will engage in outreach activities, which will assist in promotion of the programmes within the school and in informing prospective students and their parents and teachers.

Physical activity and exercise laboratory research skills work experience

This activity is open to sports and psychology students. This activity will enable up to four 2nd year students accrue a minimum of 20 hours’ work experience in a physical activity/exercise research laboratory.

Ulster PR Student Blog

An 'Ulster PR Student Blog' has been created on WordPress, the content for which will be largely written by students from any year group in the School of Communication across a number of UG programmes which have a public relations component.

Pre Placement Portfolio (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

This is an enrichment activity taken by Year 2 HTM students at Belfast and Coleraine campuses. It aims to: enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the work environment and provide them with the opportunity to develop employability skills.

Preparation for the Year Abroad Experience

This activity is perfect for students considering and preparing for a year abroad.

Preparing for the world of work

The aim of this activity is to help prepare you for future placement, internships or study abroad opportunities and you are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of practical online activities

Psyching Teams

This activity will enable year 2 and final year students to provide practical psychological skills to support to participants in endurance exercise activities.

Quantitative Research Skills Peer Mentoring

Level 6 students will provide support and encouragement to Level 5 students on the Quantitative Research Methods module.

Recruitment Event Ambassadors

This EDGE activity is designed to foster partnerships between the undergraduate students in the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences and school departments in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Sage Accounting Software Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to increase the employability prospects of business and accounting students by giving them practical experience of the use of the Sage accounting software package.

Selling in Unique Art & Design Shop

Selling your work in Unique Art & Design shop provides the opportunity to conduct customer testing and market research on new designs, products and themes.

Sentinus Student Mentor

This is an opportunity to motivate school pupils about environmental challenges across the world such as plastic pollution to carbon emissions. You will act as a STEM Mentor for Sentinus which is a leading educational charity.

Peer Learning for assessment and feedback

Students will provide at least two hours input as peer facilitators providing direct input into seminars focusing on assessment and feedback.

Social Policy Student Buddy Scheme

'Student Buddies' will receive training in peer-mentoring and will hold (usually one-hour) support sessions with individual students from the year-group below them who have been identified, or who have self-identified, as needing/benefitting from mentoring and support.

Social Work Individual Practice Development Days

The NISCC Requirements for Practice Learning (Revised August 2010) specify that there are 15 days to be used for individual practice development.

Steps to Securing Graduate Employment

The aim of this activity is to provide guidance and advice for final year undergraduates to secure that crucial interview and to perform at interview so that you gain the graduate level job that you want.

Stratified Medicine Student Ambassadors for marketing

Stratified Medicine are involved with marketing and a two day event being held as part of the NI Science Festival at Foyle Arena, Londonderry.

Student Ambassador

This scheme has been set up to formally record and acknowledge the excellent work in promotion, information giving, and support activities that our students undertake in relation to their programmes.

School of Sport - Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team is a student-driven initiative aimed to enhance the relationship between students and staff through working together on various sporting initiatives, whilst increasing the overall student experience and the successes of the School of Sport.

Student Mentor and Curriculum Collaborator

Student undergraduates will act as mentors to students of a lower year group.

Student participation in CIPR/PRCA

All students registered on the Communications Advertising and Marketing and Communication Management and Public Relations degrees are eligible for student membership of the CIPR/PRCA.

Tech Talk - A lunchtime guest lecture programme in computing.

In computing, local companies are eager to deliver guest lectures to students on a range of software and technology topics and this has been ongoing at module level over a number of years.

Tutoring in the University

Shadowing university lectures and learning how to mentor and tutor lower year groups.

Ulster University Choir Membership

Building teamwork/leadership capacity via membership and participation of the various activities of the Ulster University Choir

Ulster University Ensemble & Developing Enterprise Capability

Developing enterprise capacity via membership of the Ulster University Ensemble which enhances enterprise skills and develops commercial awareness for freelance work.

Upskilling for the Nursing Profession

Nursing students undertake a range of additional preparation, education and training throughout the programme which is not directly linked to module assessment.

Using a video CV to enhance graduate employability

Development of a paper CV with a complimentary video CV Students are required to develop a paper CV (no longer than two pages) and a complimentary video CV (less than 120 seconds).

Virtual Exchange Programme (BA Hons English students)

This Edge Activity will allow you to engage with the cultural exchange programme run by St Petersburg College Florida.

Volunteer Placement Scheme (BSc Communication and Counselling Studies)

In Year 2 of the BSc Communication and Counselling Studies, students will undertake a Voluntary Placement Scheme with Childline.

Welcome, Induction and Belonging in University Life

Facilitate 2 hour welcome and induction workshop with new students in Week 1 as part of the induction schedule; Facilitate 1 hour slot around belonging and challenges of settling in with new First Years in Week 6-8.

Widening Access and Outreach

Facilitate two three-hour sessions with widening access and outreach activities.

Writing Tutors

The new Teaching Block on the Coleraine campus will include a dedicated space for a drop-in writing clinic, a service run by students for students.

‘International Summer School of Social Work’

There are a variety of workshops and project visits related to the Summer School theme over the ten days and you get the opportunity to link practice and theory in a more diverse way, and with people from all over Europe.