Voluntary Sports Coaching in a UUSU Club

The activity recognises the time and commitment a student gives to voluntarily (non-paid) sports coaching their club at Ulster University.

Outline of Activity

Option 1: Student completes a National Governing Body Coaching Qualification (which is at a level that allows student to coach independently. This must be from a National Governing Body of Sport which is affiliated to either Sport Northern Ireland or Sport Ireland). The student must then complete 20 hours as a volunteer coach in their UUSU Sport Club. Option 2 (alternative / equivalent to Option 1) Those students who already have the recognised National Governing Body coaching qualification (as per above details) are required to evidence coaching for at least 30 hours as a volunteer coach in in their UUSU Sport Club.

Learning Outcomes

The activity enables students to:

  • prepare and implement effective coaching practices ensuring a high quality, enjoyable experience for members centred on their needs
  • deliver knowledge more effectively using non-verbal, verbal and written communication and various technologies that are available within their sport
  • understand managing risk and good practice in their sport to ensure safe and accessible training sessions
  • inspire confidence and self-belief in their members; encouraging them to gain and develop skills, knowledge and techniques


Assessment Details

Students have two options in which to document their experiences of the activity and showcase their reflections on the learning outcomes and how the activity has affected their employability.

Option 1

  • Complete the UUSU Volunteer Log-Book found online which will be verified by your campus Sports Development Officer.

Option 2

  • Complete a short video with your SDO reflecting on your experience with this activity, and include photos and video clips from training and fixtures/tournaments

Level of Commitment

Minimum of 20 hours to include:

  • Students will have a high level of responsibility to ensure the safety of their members during club training. Minimum 20 hours depending on if they engage with Option 1 or 2.

Related Staff

Charlotte Peile

Sports Development Officer (Students' Union)
Uusu Membership Team
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cl.peile @ulster.ac.uk
11H23 - Jordanstown campus

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