The Wellbeing Garden

This activity is achieved through completing at least 20 hours of engagement with the UUSU Wellbeing Garden. Participants will have gained knowledge of sustainable food systems, social enterprises, and the importance of healthy living and wellbeing.

Outline of Activity

The Wellbeing Garden is to be a UUSU society-run project, focused on managing and expanding the development of an on-campus food-growing site. The EDGE accredited activity will be volunteering with the Wellbeing Garden as a gardener, events coordinator, project manager, and further relevant roles not exclusive to committee membership to help promote sustainability, wellbeing, civic engagement, social enterprise, and much more.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging with the project, the anticipated learning outcomes would be:

Know how food systems and what we eat can impact the environment

Understand the relationship between healthy eating, exercise, and one's own wellbeing

Realising one’s ability to contribute towards and build social enterprises that have community benefit.

  • Working as a team to reach shared goals
  • Preparing and working to a schedule
  • Interpersonal abilities and communicating with people from different backgrounds

Assessment Details

Students applying for EDGE activity will log their hours spent volunteering with the Wellbeing Garden throughout the academic year and be asked to complete a short reflective piece of no more than 800 words responding to 'What skills and experience have you gained from engaging with the Wellbeing Garden? Please provide specific examples.'

Level of Commitment

Minimum of 20 hours to include:

  • Engaging with the Wellbeing Garden


Get involved by contacting UUSU’s Student Activities Coordinator, Emer Smith, at