School, Department or Faculty Rep

School/Department Reps and Faculty Reps are experienced Course Reps who have taken on the extra responsibility for your whole School/Department or Faculty.

Outline of Activity

Learning Outcomes

With over 800 course reps spanning campuses, faculties and online learners, this next level of student representation leads the student voice at a School or Department level. Having already gained experience as course rep, School/Department reps provide a broader view of the student experience at Ulster. They meet with staff and their Students’ Union to progress issues past course level and pro-actively find resolutions and improvements to the student learning experience.

Build on and develop the skills gained as Course Rep:

  • You will have the opportunity to communicate and network with a large, diverse range of students and staff across the University and UUSU;
  • Acquire further managerial skills such as improved communication, assertiveness, negotiation and delegation, which as well as looking good on your CV will also enhance you future employability;
  • School/Department Reps are offered the opportunity to complete an accredited activity towards the EDGE

Personally you will get a lot from knowing you have made a real difference and have had a positive impact on the learning experience of your course colleagues;

  • Professionally there are a number of transferable skills which our Course Reps report that they have developed, not least Communication, Leadership, Negotiation and Time management skills.
  • Improve your understanding of the University and Students’ Union systems and influencing their direction;
  • Develop stronger links with staff on your course;
  • Meet new people on your course, and making your time more enjoyable

Assessment Details

For more information rep role, or the accreditation process, contact Mandy Mulholland:

Level of Commitment

Some periods in the semester will be busier than others, depending on whether you have meetings or training to attend. Taking this into consideration you should probably expect to volunteer an average of one hour per week to the role (around 30 hours over the two semesters).

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