Mind Your Mood - Mental Fitness

This activity is achieved through completing twenty hours of engagement with Mental Health initiatives through Student Support, Mind Your Mood and UUSU.

Outline of Activity

This can be a combination of attendance to workshops (at least one workshop) and engaging in volunteering in a mental health initiative on campus, organised locally, or in the wider community.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the Mental Fitness EDGE activity, students will:

  • Increase personal knowledge and understanding of mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Be made aware of the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and promote this to other students through volunteering
  • Assist Student Support, Mind Your Mood or UUSU with mental health initiatives and engage in relevant campaigns
  • Be made aware of the different support services that they can link their peers into
  • Gain communication, leadership and team working skills through engaging in volunteering opportunities
  • Learn simple, practical skills to identify those suffering from mental health issues which can be applied to a workplace or classroom situation
  • Reflect on the importance of self-care and promote this through volunteering

Assessment Details

Students will be required to fill in a log book with details of workshops attended, along with duration and a summary of what they learned. This will then be signed by their workshop facilitator. Students will log volunteering hours completed and have these verified by Student Support or Students' Union staff members. Once students have achieved up to twenty hours of engagement, they will fill in the 'Reflective Evaluation' section of their log book, where they will outline their learning from the workshops and volunteering, reflecting on how they can use this in a workplace situation.

Questions include:

  1. Identify the skills/knowledge achieved through the workshops attended and how you can apply these in the future.
  2. Outline below activities you participated in as a volunteer and what you learned from these experiences
  3. How has participation in this activity increased your employability?

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Level of Commitment

Minimum of 20 hours to include

  • At least eight of these (ideally more) would involve volunteering at Mental Health initiatives by Student Support and Students Union throughout the year.
  • Students would be expected to engage fully with all workshops attended Reflect on what they have learned in their logbook To apply what they have learned to their engagement in welfare related volunteering opportunities.


Mind your Mood:  log position, log hours & complete reflective submission online