Study Abroad Programmes

Through our Go Global study abroad and cultural awareness programmes, students will develop the independence, autonomy and professional skills to succeed in the global workplace.

Outline of Activity

The University recognises the need to support the wider student community in increasing their global awareness. For your global experience to be EDGE eligible, the programme must be in addition to your degree programme i.e. in no way contribute to another module of your degree, lasting a minimum of one week.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assist students to experience different education systems and new ways of learning, whilst exploring diverse cultures.
  • Access learning opportunities to develop discipline specific skills e.g. language, communication skills.
  • Discover more about yourself and where your strengths lie – independence, self-reliance.
  • Support and provide evidence against the development of key employability skills.
  • Support and complement students long term career plan and aspirations.

Short-Term Global Engagement Programmes

  • Think Pacific- Volunteer in Fiji
  • International Volunteer HQ
  • Projects Abroad
  • British Council - Study China Programme
  • Study at an International Summer School

One Semester / Full Year Global Engagement Programmes

  • Erasmus– Study at an EU HE institution or Traineeship in EU
  • ISEP – International Student Exchange Programme
  • Study USA
  • Direct Exchange.

Assessment Details

Full Year Programmes (DIAS)

If you have or are completing a full year Study Abroad programme that results in you completing the Diploma International Academic Studies (DIAS) then you do not need to do anything additional for EDGE Award accreditation. Your DIAS will show on your EDGE record in November/December of your final year.

Other Study Abroad & Cultural Immersive Experiences

If you have completed a shorter term study abroad or cultural immersive experience such as those listed below you can get this EDGE accredited by submitting evidence of completion.

This can be email confirmation from the programme provider or some other form of evidence that details the programme and duration:

  • Think Pacific- Volunteer in Fiji
  • Experience China
  • Health in India
  • International Volunteer HQ
  • Projects Abroad
  • British Council - Study China Programme
  • Study at an International Summer School

If you have engaged in another Study Abroad programme or Cultural Immersive experience that is not listed above and would like to discuss if it can be EDGE Award accredited please get in touch by emailing