Volunteer with External Organisation

Many students volunteer externally – with not-for-profit organisations such as a community group or registered charity public sector body.

Outline of Activity

Complete volunteering with External organisations and complete a logbook about your role, record of your activity and also a reflection on your role.

Learning Outcomes

Keeping a logbook up to date to receive the credit you deserve for the work you will do and it will also encourage you to reflect on your experiences. This self-reflection will help you to understand how you have improved your skills and abilities through volunteering.

Assessment Details

  • 30 hours volunteering.
  • Keep a logbook up to date to reflect on your experience.

What to complete in the logbook:

  1. About you and your role
  2. Record of your activity
  3. Reflection of your role
  4. Verifier Details.

Download the logbook.

Level of Commitment

30 hours to include

Volunteering with an external non profit organisation


If you are interested in other Volunteering Opportunities - why not check out UUSU Volunteer Centre.

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