Volunteer with External Organisation

Many students volunteer externally – with not-for-profit organisations such as a community group or registered charity public sector body.

Outline of Activity

Complete volunteering with External organisations and complete a logbook about your role, record of your activity and also a reflection on your role.

Learning Outcomes

Keeping a logbook up to date to receive the credit you deserve for the work you will do and it will also encourage you to reflect on your experiences. This self-reflection will help you to understand how you have improved your skills and abilities through volunteering.

Assessment Details

  • 30 hours volunteering.
  • Keep a logbook up to date to reflect on your experience.

What to complete in the logbook:

  1. About you and your role
  2. Record of your activity
  3. Reflection of your role
  4. Verifier Details.

Download the logbook.

Level of Commitment

30 hours to include

  • Volunteering with an external non profit organisation.


If you are interested in other Volunteering Opportunities - why not check out UUSU Volunteer Centre.

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