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Tutoring in Schools

Tutoring in Schools is a programme that places undergraduate University of Ulster student tutors in a primary, secondary or special school to undertake a school-identified project.

Outline of Activity

Whilst tutoring in schools mainly targeted at second year students, first year, final year and postgraduate students are also eligible to undertake the programme. The programme is open to all students in all faculties. Students can opt to take part in the programme on a voluntary basis

Learning Outcomes

The programme’s main aims and objectives and benefits are:

  • The teacher gains an extra resource in the classroom, perhaps using the student tutor’s skill in a particular area of the curriculum.
  • It encourages positive interaction between University student tutors and school pupils, where the former can act as positive role models and ambassadors.
  • Pupils benefit from both the student tutor’s fresh insight into their particular subject area, additional individual support and the extra skills available.
  • It develops both pupils’ and student tutor’s interpersonal and communication skills and helps improve self-confidence.
  • It establishes a strong foundation for building future partnerships between schools and the University of Ulster.
  • It raises the aspirations of young people and encourages more of them to consider progression to further or higher education.
  • It provides a rewarding experience, with measurable learning outcomes for all participants, within a structured framework.

Assessment Details

You must take part in a weekly discussion session on Blackboard Learn.

Participation in the voluntary option is not formally assessed.

However, an optional assessed module entitled Active Citizenship in Education is currently being developed.

Level of Commitment

Students must complete:

32 hours

Related Staff

Philip Turbitt

Educational Outreach Officer
Access & Educational Outreach -Schools
+44 28 9036 6656
02H04 - Jordanstown campus

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