Tutoring in Schools

Tutoring in Schools (TIS) is a widening access and participation programme that places Ulster University students in targeted primary, secondary or special needs schools within Northern Ireland to undertake a school-identified project. It provides students, as an Ulster University ambassador, with a placement opportunity to work on a school-based project, enhancing the student experience and supporting development of a wider personal professional skill set, including self-confidence, communication and transferable skills, as well as giving something back to the local community.

Outline of Activity

The programme is open to all current students registered with Ulster University.

Learning Outcomes

Ulster students will:

  • gain valuable working experience in a school environment
  • improve their employability, self-confidence and enhance their student experience
  • develop subject related qualities and put into practise their knowledge and expertise from their Degree specialism
  • enhance their transferable skills such as their learning, personal (oral/written communication) and interpersonal skills
  • have TIS documented on their University Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The programme’s main aims and objectives and benefits are:

  • It provides a rewarding experience, with measurable learning outcomes for all participants, within a structured framework.
  • It encourages positive interaction between University student tutors and school pupils, where the former can act as positive role models and ambassadors.
  • It develops both pupils’ and student tutor’s interpersonal and communication skills and helps improve self-confidence.
  • Pupils benefit from both the student tutor’s fresh insight into their particular subject area, additional individual support and the extra skills available.
  • It raises the aspirations of young people and encourages more of them to consider progression to further or higher education.
  • The school gains additional resource in the classroom, using the student tutor’s skill in a particular area of the curriculum.
  • It establishes a strong foundation for building future partnerships between schools and Ulster University.

Assessment Details

Participants must complete a minimum of 32 hours within the school.

Participants must take part in a weekly discussion session on Blackboard Learn.

Level of Commitment

Students normally complete a placement of a minimum of 32 hours, over 10 weeks, in a local school, which will commence in the second semester of the academic year.

Projects are available at many schools across the province and may be viewed here –  http://addl.ulster.ac.uk/tis/projects/search.  Alternatively, students can propose and design, in collaboration with a targeted  school of their choice, a project that reflects their own academic interests.  If this option applies to you, please contact us via email at tis@ulster.ac.ukfor further information.


Email: tis@ulster.ac.uk

Web: www.ulster.ac.uk/tis

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