Exploring Counselling in Action

Therapeutic Communication and Counselling Studies students will explore the application of counselling in professional contexts through visits to two-three counselling agencies.

Outline of Activity

Students will identify the counselling agencies of interest to their career path and organise a visit to discuss the philosophy and practice approach of the agency. Students will contribute to the university's civic engagement by building relationships with community partners for future possible volunteering and career opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging in this activity, students will:

  • Understand the role of counselling in a range of professional contexts
  • Identify a range of approaches employed by counsellors in practice
  • Begin to develop their professional networks and relationships with community partners
  • Enhance their professional communication skills.

Assessment Details

Students will complete a 1000 word reflective journal which reflects on:

  1. What are the overarching philosophies of the agencies selected including the nature and purposes of counselling, the approaches used and the client group? (500 words)
  2. What was the students' rationale for choosing the agencies and why are they relevant to the student's career path? (250 words)
  3. What has the student learned through these visits and how have they influenced their future career goals and personal development planning? (250 words)

Level of Commitment

40 hours to include

Independent study

20 hours

Face-to-Face contact

20 hours


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