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Street Law Programme

Students in year 2 or 3 of their law degree will put together presentations on various aspects of the law which they will then deliver to young offenders.

Outline of Activity

The students presentations will be interactivepresentations designed by the law students in order to 'teach' young offenders about the lawand encourage positive engagement with the law among groups of offenders agedapproximately 14 years old.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn about the concept of Street Law. They will learn about teaching in controversial issues and practice techniques to encourage listening and discussing. They will enhance their team work and presentation skills. They will also develop their ability to take a complex legal principle and communicate it in a simple manner appropriate to their target audience.

Assessment Details

Students will have their presentations reviewed by lecturers and will then be required to successfully deliver presentations at a young offenders’ centre. When they have completed and delivered their presentations they will be asked to submit a reflective paragraph to their supervising lecturer.

Level of Commitment

Students must:

Attend a series of meetings in preparation for the presentations.

They will be required to work independently and in their groups to research a legal topic and produce presentations.

They will meet with lecturers to discuss their plans and make amendments on the basis of the feedback they receive.

Students will receive guidance from staff on improvements and changes but the students will be required to produce the presentations themselves.

They will then deliver these presentations within their groups at Woodlands Young Offenders Centre.

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