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Sport Changes Life and Sports Outreach 'ehoops' programme

The e-hoops programme operates via a partnership between the Sports Outreach, the Sport Changes Life Foundation and the PSNI in communities of the most disadvantage within Northern Ireland.

Outline of Activity

Ehoops is a good relations program, designed for young men and women aged 16+. Theprogramme targets those not in education, employment or training (classified as NEET’s)from the most disadvantaged areas and aims to raise their aspirations and provide avenuesfor NEET’s to become re-integrated into their communities in a positive manner. UlsterUniversity students who wish to engage in the programme as a volunteer can apply throughthe Sports Outreach Unit.Those volunteering must attend a formal quality assurance interview and training prior to deployment onto the programme.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of ‘sport for development’ work in a professional setting
  • Coaching delivery experience
  • Mentoring experience
  • Upskilling in professional responsibilities in the work place
  • Demonstrate a range of coaching and learning strategies in the delivery of activity sessions with participants

Assessment Details

  • Attend e hoops quality assurance training (1 day)
  • Successfully attain pre-required level of competence prior to deployment
  • Completion of the 30 week e-hoops curriculum.

Level of Commitment

68 hours to include:

Programme delivery

30 weeks x 2 hours

Quality Assurance training

1 x 8 hour