School Ambassador Scheme

School Ambassadors represent Ulster University at various events and recruitment activities involving their former schools. They help promote Ulster University by engaging with school pupils, teachers and parents in sharing their first-hand experiences of life at Ulster, including social and academic aspects. School Ambassadors are relied upon as experts in their former school by the Market Engagement team, and assist the University recruit prospective students.

Outline of Activity

Upon appointment, School Ambassadors will receive introductory training to schools engagement by the Market Engagement team and will be designated a number of events and activities to attend throughout the semester, usually lasting 1-2 hours per activity. The number of activities a School Ambassador completes is entirely up to them and depends on number of opportunities available, however there will be a small number of core recommended activities an ambassador should participate in such as open days and applicant events. After each activity, School Ambassadors will be required to digitally log and document that activity. In addition to physical presence at events, Ambassadors can also engage in online admin activities including writing blogs, social media takeovers and operating the university's online UniBuddy service. Ambassadors will receive supplementary training and support in public speaking, events exhibiting and enquiry management software at different points of their development. The season of activity starts in September and ends in May on an annual basis.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop an in depth understanding of student recruitment and schools engagement practices in higher education.
  • Develop confidence in communicating a product and experience to prospective students.
  • Receive experience of working in a fast-paced marketing environment.
  • Enhance communication, public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Engage with a wide range of key stakeholders.
  • Work collaboratively with university departments and other students.
  • Demonstrate ability to report on completed activity in a professional and organised way.
  • Communicate effectively with a wide range of different audiences.
  • Think critically about how public engagement can influence and shape perceptions of the university.

Assessment Details

After each activity, School Ambassadors will be required to log hours volunteered through an online template. In addition, they will receive a checklist of various activities and events they can attend to help increase their hours of volunteering. A member of the Market Engagement team will sign off each log to verify their participation.

Level of Commitment

The level of commitment is entirely up to each Schools Ambassador and depends on the availability of engagement activities at their school, however Ambassadors will be expected to attend the initial and subsequent training sessions for their own personal development. Hours of activity are usually no longer than 3 hours per activity and are on weekdays including occasional evenings. Ambassadors will report to the SA contact for support and communication. Should no opportunities arise at an Ambassador's school, work will be supplied by the Events & Sponsorship team to assist with increasing volunteering hours.


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