Royal College of Nursing Student Ambassador

The Nursing Student Ambassador will work with their university to promote the interests of nursing students. By being involved in the recruitment and retention of student RCN members and other Student Ambassadors.

Outline of Activity

Student Ambassadors will encourage RCN student members at the university to be active in the RCN and signpost students to help. While working with their local student union society and helping to organise attendance at Congress from their university. They will support RCN campaigns, provide feedback to their Committee member and liaising with their RCN country/ regional staff lead on the issues and concerns of students at their university. Need to report to the Committee and liaising with RCN staff leads on country/ regional activity. They need to attend country/ regional events and promote RCN student vacancies (on the Committee and/or Council)/ succession planning.

Learning Outcomes

Student Ambassadors will:

  • Develop an understanding of professional nursing issues in your country or region
  • Develop an understanding of issues nursing students at your university are facing develop an understanding of how to politically influence through involvement in RCN campaigns
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of working within a member led organisation
  • Develop communication skills, negotiation skills and organisational skills.

Assessment Details

Student Ambassadors will work in partnership between the university and the RCN.

The student lead in the RCN will have reflective conversations with the Student Ambassador and will sign off their learning log in order to demonstrate the learning of the student.

Level of Commitment

Time commitments vary throughout the academic year and could be dependent on campaigns etc. As yet, there is no specific time commitment for this role.


Linzi McIlroy

c/o School of Nursing/Royal College of Nursing

Tel: 02890384600