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Psychology Students - Vegan Food Banks

The aim of this project is to provide vegan foodstuff for local charities and highlight the environmental, health, and animal welfare problems linked to the use of animal protein as food sources.

Outline of Activity

A small team of undergraduate students will set up, run and develop 2 Vegan Food Banks. The first of these will run in Semester 1 and the second in Semester 2.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the project the students will have developed the following skills:

  • The ability to work as a team.
  • Awareness of environmental issues, health issues, and current animal welfare concerns.
  • Designing, maintaining, collecting, and publicising aspects of the Food Bank.
  • The ability to work with outside agencies and charities involved in food distribution.
  • Keep journal records of their work.
  • Organise and attend meetings both within campus and in the local community.

Assessment Details

  1. Attendance of meetings.
  2. Journal log of contributions and involvement.  On completion, this must be signed off/verified by the EDGE activity coordinator.

Level of Commitment

20 hours of commitment to include:

Attending meetings

Liaising with external organisations

Marketing the purpose

Value of the Vegan Food bank throughout the university

Related Staff

Dr Robert Bones

Lecturer in Psychology - Human Psychology/Biological Psychology
School of Psychology
+44 28 7012 4733
H262 - Coleraine campus

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