Law society for NI, Client Counselling Competition

This activity will help Law students gain invaluable experience and insights. Participants will understand and articulate the aims and functions of the area of law under consideration.

Outline of Activity

Students are provided with a brief memorandum on a legal matter which they must research. They must also engage with client care directions provided by the Law Society of NI.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and articulate the aims and functions of the area of law under consideration
  • Define the general principles governing liability
  • Identify and understand relevant issues
  • Examine and analyse case law and legislation
  • Extract the law issues contained in a case scenario, outline and explain the contents of the law pertinent to those issues, and apply that law to reach a rational and justifiable conclusion on the facts of the scenario.

Assessment Details

Students are judged according to the criteria set out by the law society of NI.

These are based on 11 core issues ranging from:

  • obtaining information
  • Teamwork
  • Assisting the client to make an informed choice
  • Moral and ethical considerations.

These are scored by 3 law practitioners who judge the competition.

Level of Commitment

20+ hours to include

  • Engagement with the law in relation to the matter for consideration
  • Be familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding client care as outlined by the Law Society for NI

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