Enhancing Graduate Qualities Through Reflective Learning in Practice

First year students undertaking this activity will address a number of graduate qualities across four constructs with a view to developing in these areas whilst undertaking their first practice learning experience.

Outline of Activity

Once they return from the practice learning experience, they will review their progress in developing their graduate qualities and will engage in a professional conversation with a peer (fellow student nurse) on their development. The student will then complete a reflection using Rolfe et al.’s (2001) reflective framework. This will enable them to determine their learning from both their experience and that of their peer, enabling them to develop an action plan for enhancing development of their graduate qualities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the activity students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of personal development planning and reflection in relation to academic, professional and graduate qualities.
  • Recognise the transferrable skills developed through their practice learning experiences and the application of knowledge, skills and professional values.
  • Appreciate the value of graduate qualities required to succeed at university and in the workplace.
  • Analyse and reflect on the reflective process in relation to their academic and professional development.
  • Develop, create and implement an action plan for enhancing their graduate qualities.
  • Develop the ability to have meaningful professional conversations with the intent of developing professionally, personally and academically.

Assessment Details

They will complete an activity sheet that is authenticated by both student and their peer.

This is then submitted to the activity coordinator as evidence of meeting the outcomes for the activity.

Level of Commitment

Minimum of 77 hours to include

  • Practice Learning Experience - 225 hours

Students must have completed these amount of hours to participate in the activity 75 hours

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