Employment Law and Practice

The Ulster University Law Clinic/Social Justice @ Magee, provides student led pro bono advice and assistance in the area of employment law.

Outline of Activity

Learning Outcomes

The aims of this short course are -

- To allow students who have completed this course to play a strategic role in the Law Clinic/Social Justice Hub, in providing advice to clients.
- To inform students on how to develop and promulgate appropriate policies, practices and procedures in employment law, ensuring that the Law Clinic/Hub acts within the law at all times.
- In the event of legal action arising between a Clinic/Hub client and their employer, the student who has completed this course will be able to analyse the situation competently, take instructions quickly, know when to seek further expert legal advice and be able to assist in the preparation of cases for tribunal.

A successful student will be able to show that s/he can:
- Identify, analyse, and evaluate the relevant law
- Understand the scope and impact of employment law on persons and organisations
- Be able to advise on prophylactic and / or remedial action
- Demonstrate the ability to write fluent and complex prose using legal and policy terminology correctly and effectively


Assessment Details

In the first instance, students will be assessed using a number of employment simulations on various aspects of employment related disputes, organised via the Law Clinic/Hub.

Level of Commitment

20+ hours in any one semester



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