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Disaster Risk Reduction: meeting community needs

Students are introduced to the concept of ‘disaster’ and ‘disaster risk reduction’. Students will be asked to consider disaster risks in their own community/region and relate this to selected disasters in the developing world.

Outline of Activity

Students will liaise with emergency plannersand local councils and other public health bodies will provide an up-to-date analysis ofcommunity need in relation to local disaster risk reduction. Participation in a communitydisaster simulation event will form part of an educational experience that will help studentsincrease global awareness and gain insight into the life threatening and health affects ofdisasters on individuals and communities worldwide.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module students will be able to:

  • List the main types and different phases of disasters that occur nationally and internationally
  • Appraise the global threat of disasters to population health worldwide
  • Examine the role of healthcare professionals and community representatives in disaster mitigation and disaster response
  • Carry out a local disaster risk assessment and set this in a global context.

Assessment Details

The assignment will involve a two-part written assignment.

Part A will summarise the disaster risk in the local community and\or region and relate this to a global context.

Part B will involve a reflective account of participation in a community disaster simulation and offer ideas on how disaster response and preparedness could be improved.

Word Limit: 1500 words.

Level of Commitment

Students must:

Commit to a blended learning approach consisting of up to four evening classes run at the Magee campus during May\June each year

20 hours online learning materials and discussion on blackboard learn.

Students will be responsible for course reading about disasters and sourcing local information pertaining to their local community on disaster risk reduction.

They will need to participate in a 12 hour community disaster simulation in early July.

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