Computing & Engineering Students- STEM Ambassador

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is your chance to promote your skills to young learners, actively encourage them to enjoy STEM subjects, and inform them about the unique career opportunities that are available to them.

Outline of Activity

By volunteering as an Ambassador, you could be opening up life-changingopportunities for many young people in your area. Anyone who has a desire toinspire children and young people in STEM subjects can become an Ambassador.The main qualities that all Ambassadors share are enthusiasm and commitment,along with a passion for what they do.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of STEM area:

  • Evidence of preparation and planning for promotional event
  • Evidence of effective communication skills
  • Evidence of reflection on participation of event & personal skill enhancement

As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to: gain a fresh perspective on day-to-day work when seen through the eyes of students face a different challenge to that of everyday work enjoy a sense of achievement after delivering an activity help make a difference in the local community challenge stereotypes young people have about STEM subjects and related careers strengthen your own skills, including communication, planning and presentation skills have lots of fun and enjoy the buzz and energy from the young people!

Assessment Details

Submission of record and reflection of each promotional event - minimum of 100 words for each event.

Level of Commitment

This can be spread over a variety of events.

30 hours combined of preparation and promotional work

  • Science, maths, design and technology, and engineering become relevant to the everyday experience of students.
  • Better motivation, more confidence and enthusiasm
  • Opportunities to improve key skills as well as increase understanding in science, maths, design and technology and engineering
  • Better understanding of the opportunities that a career in these subjects can offer.


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