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Coderdojo/CodeClub/Raspberry Pi

We offer a range of activities including Scratch, Python, Raspberry Pi, HTML5/CSS3, GameMaker, Wordpress, Game Animation, and Unity for a coding club of kids between 10-16 years old

Outline of Activity

.A coding club for kids between the ages of 10-16yrs old. You will be expected to help with the setup/cleanup of the learningenvironment, prepare teaching materials, deliver classes, manage group work, provideproject support and encourage collaborative learning through peer support.If you understand tech, come along to share your skills. Or if you don't understand the firstthing about tech and have experience of working with young people in a fun environment,there's a role for you too!

Learning Outcomes

Professional/ Practical

  • Developing and delivering dedicated teaching materials.
  • Delivering workshops, group work and projects

Transferable Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership/Teamwork
  • Motivation & Dedication
  • Confidence.

Assessment Details

Participants must complete a reflective journal.

Level of Commitment

27 hours to include:

Throughout the academic year, we run 3x 6 week blocks which run for 6 consecutive weeks

Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours

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