CitiSpire - Female Student Mentorship Program

Citi will offer a unique mentorship opportunity with successful female technologists. A 6-month programme which will offer mentoring, support, guidance, and practical advice to female students studying degrees in Computing & Engineering.

Outline of Activity

Citispire will be applicable to 1st year and final year female students.Successful students will be offered 1-2-1 mentoring from our high-calibre female ITProfessionals at Citi, who will provide career insight into the IT sector, explain thevarious career pathways open to females in the industry, debunk some myths aboutthe type of work and the skills required, and help the students to maximise their timeat university as a platform to their successful career in IT.

Learning Outcomes

Benefits to Mentees:

  • Personalised career advice and support through 1:1 mentorship with Senior Technology female role models
  • Enhanced Technology career opportunities through increased awareness of IT Roles and career paths
  • Broadened network and visibility through Citi onsite meetings, networking and presentations.

Assessment Details

1st year female students will need to complete a short application form detailing why they would like to join CitiSpire and what learning outcomes they feel they would get out of the 6-month mentorship programme.

For any final year female students who successfully secure a permanent position on our Technology Graduate Academy, they will be partnered with a Citi female technologist as part of the CitiSpire Mentorship Program.

Level of Commitment

Fortnightly mentorship

From November to May run both onsite at Citi and on-campus.


Related Staff

Maria Curran

Employer Engagement Manager
Employability Business Services Unit
+44 28 9536 5122
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BD-03-027 - Belfast campus
  • Key responsibilities
    • Maria has responsibility for the School of Computing
    • She leads on employer engagement

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