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You're Hired Challenge

You're Hired Challenge involves students undertaking various skill-building activities over the course of one afternoon. The format varies across campuses but you will definitely develop new skills, enhance your confidence and have fun doing it!

Outline of Activity

You're Hired Challenge involves a student undertaking various skill building activities. Participants will be assessed on completing mock interviews and group exercises and provided with feedback on particular skills.

Learning Outcomes

The format of the 'You're Hired' activity varies across campuses as we tailor it to relevant subject areas.

You're Hired (Magee campus)

Over the course of a half day you will work as part of a team to create a promotional video for the Magee Campus. This will include:

  • A scavenger hunt designed to help you learn more about Magee
  • Development and creation of a 1-minute promotional video promoting Magee
  • Pitch your video to our panel of Guests

There will be special prizes for team and individual performances.

You're Hired (Coleraine & Jordanstown campus)

This event will involve a combination of tasks and activities that will allow you to find out more about your skills. It gives you the chance to practice demonstrating a wider range of skills than you would have been able to during a traditional face-to-face interview.

You will work both individually and as part of a group on a variety of exercises. You will receive feedback on the day and have time to reflect on your performance and set actions to build your confidence.

You will be joined by other students but it's important to keep focused on your own performance.

Employability & Careers are hosting this event with support from a number of graduate recruiters.

Assessment Details

Students will be required to complete various skills based activities as part of the challenge and write a 500 word reflective account integrating their performance and reflection along with feedback from the assessors.

The 500 word reflective account should be submitted to the You're Hired activity coordinator no later than two weeks after the event.

Level of Commitment

    A total of 20 hours. This includes: pre and post activity engagement.

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