Using Electronic Case Management Systems in Legal Practice

Training students in electronic case management packages at undergraduate level helps develop a current and consistent approach to legal services, that will assist them in securing post graduate employment opportunities with law firms.

Outline of Activity

Electronic case management packages are increasingly common in legal practice. This training ensures that students become familiar with a file handling system that reduces processing time by allowing remote access, shared and simultaneous access.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this training activity, students will know how to:

  • collate relevant documentation and data ensuring all case information is centralised within a single desktop application.
  • access files and provide accurate and efficient electronic updates.

Assessment Details

Student use of the Law Clinic's SharePoint Case Management System is monitored regularly by staff.

Students are required to upload an attendance note following client consultations and to ensure that documents received from respondent representatives are also uploaded and shared with their student colleague and case supervisor.

Level of Commitment

Students will be required to complete 20+ hours within an academic year.


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