UOTC Leadership Development Programme - Module 2

Leadership Development Programme Module 2 providing theoretical and practical leadership training coupled with supporting life skills and experiences.

Outline of Activity

Leadership Development Programme Module 2 provides command orientated leadership andmanagement training coupled with supporting life-skills.The theory and practical application of leadership and management principles and methodologies andcommand skills. To do this the following subjects will be covered: physical, skill at arms, map reading,unit organisation, etiquette, communication, command, marching, sport and adventurous training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how and be able to carry out a detailed analysis of a problem, develop a solution and brief a team on how to proceed.
  • Understand and be able to apply the procedures for the completion of various challenging situations.
  • Understand and utilise oral and written communication techniques.
  • Be a fully participating member of a diverse team.
  • Be able to apply etiquette and high standards in any social forum.
  • Experience of a number of cultural and social activities enhancing general knowledge.

Assessment Details

To develop leadership and management skills through a challenging programme of military activities, adventurous training and sport.

This will involve:

  • Command
  • Leadership
  • Physical
  • Skill at arms
  • First aid
  • Map reading
  • Marching
  • Etiquette
  • Sport
  • Field craft
  • Adventurous training

Level of Commitment


20 x evenings

October - March annually

8 x weekends Friday evening to Sunday

October - March annually

15 day camp

June annually

5 day adventure training qualification course

Voluntary, usually May through Sept annually

3 x weekends for non module 1 activities



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E-mail: Alan.Baxter330@mod.gov.uk

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