Skills for your Future

This two-hour webinar focuses on the Future of Work in an ever-changing labour market.

Outline of Activity

A two-hour webinar where students will learn and answer 4 key questions on skills of your future and update their LinkedIn profile.

Learning Outcomes

Through this activity, participants will learn:

  • How global trends are affecting the world of work and future careers
  • How technology, economic change and other key trends are affecting skill requirements across sectors
  • How to prepare for and thrive in a chaotic, ever changing labour market
  • How to develop a LinkedIn profile.

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Assessment Details

Participants will submit:

  • A short research report focusing on how key megatrends are influencing their chosen sector
  • A link to their updated LinkedIn profile

Level of Commitment

20 hours to include

  • Webinar attendance
  • Time required to prepare and answer questions
  • Time required to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

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