Cultural Awareness

As cultures become more diverse so does the workplace. This activity will help students understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and the many benefits it brings.

Outline of Activity

The workshop approach to the delivery of this learning session will develop your ability to operate and manage effectively in a multicultural working environment by providing you with opportunities to think about your own cultural backgrounds and to appreciate and advance your style of communication with colleagues and peers from other cultures as you live and work in a multicultural country.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Increase your knowledge of the role people play to improve inter-cultural understanding
  2. Reflect on the need for multicultural awareness and skills, as new immigrants move into the workforce and the number of international clients' increase.
  3. Think critically on how customs and traditions can be used to identify better inter-cultural communication
  4. Articulate how their inter-cultural communication skills have been developed using a narrative which is relevant to employer expectations.

Assessment Details

Assessment Each student will submit a video of their ‘Elevator Pitch’ – a 2 minute summary of your perceptions, benefits/challenges of working with international employees in the workplace.

The pitch should highlight assumptions, values and beliefs that you may hold on Cultural Diversity.

Submission via Sharestream, Pick n Play OR GoPro.

The assessment has to be uploaded onto Blackboard Learn Assessment and feedback will be managed using Blackboard Learn.

Level of Commitment

53 hours to include

Workshop style with fun-filled activities

3 hours

Coursework elements to be created and submitted.

50 hours


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