Peer Support for IBMS Certificate of Competence Portfolio

Final year returning students who have completed their IBMS Portfolio give a lecture to the second year class.

Outline of Activity

Then they meet up with second year students one-on-one to discuss the portfolio. They provide peer support and mentorship on their own learning from their placement experience provide advice on how to complete the portfolio. They provide advice on what evidence may be used and generally take the students through the whole process. The final year students also attend a Roadshow where Trust lab staff come in to provide information on the placement opportunities

Learning Outcomes

Students will have an opportunity to:

  • Explain the placement process to second year students
  • Prepare a Power point lecture and present it to a class of year 2 students & answer questions
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Experience on explaining professional tasks to students

Assessment Details

Preparation of presentation, 2 hours

Delivery 1 hour

Face to face support and mentoring 2 hours per student weeks 2-6 = 10 hours

Feedback survey - 1 hour

Then weeks 6-12 semester, follow up meetings with second year students providing additional support where required totaling 6 hours

Level of Commitment

  • 20 hours in Semester 1

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