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Motivation for Career Success

This module seeks to offer you the opportunity of developing wider career aspirations and, with it, the confidence in yourself and the motivation to go out to achieve a positive career future.

Outline of Activity

By helping you to understand yourself better, you can move forward to find out about the wide range of career possibilities available to you, and be motivated to pursue your goals and achieve your aspirations

Learning Outcomes

*This activity is only available to students if it is delivered to your class*

At the end of the module students will be able to:

  • Understand how they are influenced in terms of career aspirations, values and qualities
  • Develop their self-awareness and an understanding of what strengths they have to offer
  • Identify aspirations for their career future and develop the motivation to achieve that.
  • Develop individual responsibility for the development of self-management skills, personal agility and resilience.
  • Realise the wide range of career options that they have available to them in the graduate labour market
  • Understand what employers’ expectations are for today’s graduates.

Assessment Details

Tutorials and independent study.

Level of Commitment

50 hours to include:


3 hours

Independent Study

47 hours

Related Staff

Julie Gerrish

Employability & Careers Consultant
Employability Curriculum Unit
+44 28 9036 8862
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02F02 - Jordanstown campus
  • Key responsibilities
    • Julie is responsible for students within School of Engineering, School of Built Environment and School of Architecture
    • She leads on support for postgraduate students

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