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LinkedIn Student Ambassador

Students will be encouraged to become leaders on campus, taking ownership of their own learning. Mentored by the LinkedIn Customer Success Team, they will develop an impressive portfolio of work, engaging in a series of initiatives to bring about awareness of LinkedIn. **2019 PROGRAMME NOW FULL**

Outline of Activity

Students can expect to build educational materials, awareness videos, social media marketing, professional writing samples and presentations.  They will also gain skills in personal development, communication, leadership, creativity, program design, project management, social marketing and campaign development. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop skills in self-promotion, professional writing, presentations, networking, relationship building, communication, leadership, collaboration, creativity and marketing
  • Appreciate the importance of professional profile & building a network of contacts for future career prospects
  • Adopt professional standards and behaviours in an online professional context
  • Complete short courses on LinkedIn Learning which deliver on identified skills and knowledge gaps

Assessment Details

Students will complete the following:

  • Pre-Training & Programme Orientation – online & video conferencing; including Building LinkedIn profile.
  • 6 Projects in: Social Media; Writing; Public Speaking; Creative Design, Team Event, Design your own Project.
  • Active participation in the LiLSA Group.
  • Tracking & Reflection – identify skills gained & how you could improve in order to gain a recommendation from LinkedIn.

All project work will be assessed by LinkedIn Learning Team for Ambassador Certification.

Level of Commitment

50 hours to include:

Engagement with LinkedIn Mentor

Independent study using LinkedIn Learning Courses

Project completion

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