Irish Student Consulting Group

ISCG membership provides students with a choice of projects to apply to, a wide network of similarly engaged and driven students, events, interviews, and recruitment opportunities.

Outline of Activity

The Irish Student Consulting Group offers business and non-profits across Ireland and NI consulting services using a pool of students across Ireland and NI. Students can build their skills and experience as they collaborate with each other to solve real problems for clients and deliver real results

Learning Outcomes

Students will have a better understanding of the consulting processes and the stages it takes to deliver value for clients through the process.

Participants gain this through:

- Completing client projects learning from other students, project leads and clients

- Attending industry insight events and learning from industry professionals

- Networking with likeminded students and building their knowledge together Participants will also build key competencies through case studies, competitions development programmes and training run by the society.

Assessment Details

Students who complete client projects are asked to create feedback on how their project went, how they fulfilled their role and how they worked with others toward developing an appropriate consulting solution. They are also provided with positive and constructive feedback from both project leads and clients on how they progressed through the project. In addition, and to provide further development opportunity, there are also route to competence plans in place for moving to roles like senior consultant, project lead, branch committee etc.

Level of Commitment

Standard members are expected to take part in 1 event per month (2-3 hours) Consultants on project are expected to give 30-35 hours a project over a 6-8 week period (30-35 hours) Branch Committee and Project Leads are expected to push development and fulfil administrative roles in their role with an approximate 6-10 hours a week.


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