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Code First: Girls Belfast General Beginner's Web Development Course

Code First: Girls runs free in-person part-time coding courses for female/non binary identifying young individuals across the UK and Ireland. 'General' community courses at corporate locations are open to students and non-students alike.

Outline of Activity

Students work on a website project throughout the course individually or in a group, presenting their website to judges on the final session. The winner(s) receive a voucher and their project is featured on the Code First: Girls website.

Learning Outcomes

This activities cover HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, GitHub collaboration, UX, APIs, and more (front-end programming). These languages and tools teach students how to collaboratively create a website, how to improve its design and how to push it online.

Assessment Details

  • The criteria for the competition are here:
  • A visually appealing design - good use of CSS and HTML elements, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Good formatting
  • Code split into the appropriate files
  • Files indented properly
  • A live website (Github page, Heroku or own domain
  • Extras e.g: A contact form (for example name and email)
    ○ Social buttons
    ○ Widgets
    ○ As many different HTML elements you can manage
  • Interactive elements (like forms) on the website don't need to be functional, but should
    be present if they need to be for the visual aspect of the design.
  • (optional) Good organisation
  • Version control using GitHub
  • Sensible commit messages

Level of Commitment

Students are committed to complete 2 hours per week for 8 weeks of classes in addition to homework and project work.

A project must be completed by the final session and time is not allocated for this in class.


Lydia Quinn
Code First Girls
Tel: 07546107440
Website: For more information check out the Code First: Girls website.

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