Career & Skills Development

BCC: Belfast Enterprise Academy (External Opportunity)

This programme provides mentoring to students who wish to set up their own business. It includes a 2 day business challenge, workshops, business planning sessions, minimum of 6 hours one to one mentoring and business visits.

Client Care Skills

Open to Law and Social Work students this training will help students to develop essential client care skills from the initial interview stage, to discussing a client's legal requirements.


Crowdfunding will require a student to have a great idea and to need funding for a piece of equipment or event. Students have successfully crowdfunded for a range of projects and through the completion of a log book you can also gain EDGE Award accreditation.

Cultural Awareness

As cultures become more diverse so does the workplace. This activity will help students understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and the many benefits it brings.

Design your career journey

This activity will help students to visually identify and articulate their own career goals and ambitions through researching relevant industries and sectors using Mind Mapping as a creative methodology.

Developing a Professional Identity

The development of a professional identity can support you with career planning in an era of digital disruption whilst improving your work experience and job prospects.

Developing Lifelong Literacy Skills

You will evaluate your information searching skills, and develop these through attendance at Library workshops, liaison with a designated subject librarian and a structured search plan. Details of your search journey will be presented along with evidence and a critical evaluation of the process.

External Training Course Accreditation

If you have or are planning to engage in a training course outside of University then this activity will help you secure EDGE Award accreditation for this activity.

Future4UU Skills Masterclasses

Future4UU enables you to engage with 9 different online skill development masterclasses. Complete 2 for EDGE Award accreditation. NB: Students can only claim one Future4UU EDGE activity by completing 2 escape rooms.


Delivered by sector leaders a Hackathon provides students with an opportunity to participate in a collaborative code challenge over a short period of time and learn from sector leaders and peers.

Improve Your Presentation Skills

Access expert advice and 1-1 coaching to improve your presentation skills. Learn how to project yourself with confidence and maintain the attention of your audience.

Interview Skills Development

Business Students will have access to interview simulation software to assist them in developing their interview skills.

Irish Student Consulting Group

ISCG membership provides students with a choice of projects to apply to, a wide network of similarly engaged and driven students, events, interviews, and recruitment opportunities.

LinkedIn Student Ambassador

Students will be encouraged to become leaders on campus, engaging in a series of initiatives to promote benefits of LinkedIn to students and provide peer to peer support.

Makaton Foundation Workshop

This accredited activity helps students learn signs and symbols from stages 1-4 and the additional stage of the Makaton Core Vocabulary. This workshop is delivered through four modules and is both lecture and practical based.

NIUAS – Flying & Leadership Development Programme (Module 1)

Flying & Leadership Development Programme – Module 1 (Certified Participation in year 1 – NIUAS) providing theoretical and practical flying and leadership training coupled with supporting life skills and experiences and force development.

NIUAS – Flying & Leadership Development Programme (Module 2)

Flying & Leadership Development Programme - Module 2 (Certified Participation in year 2 - NIUAS) providing advanced theoretical and practical flying and leadership training coupled with supporting advanced life skills and experiences and force development.

Peer Support for IBMS Certificate of Competence Portfolio

Final year returning students who have completed their IBMS Portfolio give a lecture to the second year class.

Science Ethics & Debates

The Science and Ethics project encourages students to consider the issues raised by scientific advances. Current topical issues will be selected from mainstream media, for example: genetically modified animals and crops, fracking, and euthanasia.

Steps to Securing Graduate Employment

This activity is specifically for final year students and is the perfect activity for finalists looking to complete the EDGE Award and preparing for life after University.

Self-Awareness and Reflection

This activity encourages students to utilise a suite of online self-assessments to help them understand their motivations, preferences and values.

Skills for your Future

This two-hour webinar focuses on the Future of Work, critical skills in an ever-changing labour market, preparing for career chaos and lastly taking control.

So She Did Business Start Programme

So She Did is the University’s free programme that helps female students identify business opportunities, validate their ideas and start a side-hustle or new venture.

SPIT Project Recruitment at Ulster University

The Student Psychological Intervention Trial (SPIT), is a project being conducted at Ulster University as part of the WHO World Mental Health International College Student Initiative.

Student-Alumni eMentoring Programme

The Alumni Mentoring programme aims to match current students with an Ulster University graduate, someone with experience who can inspire and empower students to take control of their own careers, seek out opportunities for professional development and grow in self-confidence.

UOTC Leadership Development Programme - Module 1

The Leadership Development Programme Module 1 provides theoretical and practical leadership training coupled with supporting life skills and experiences.

UOTC Leadership Development Programme - Module 2

Leadership Development Programme Module 2 providing theoretical and practical leadership training coupled with supporting life skills and experiences.

Using Electronic Case Management Systems in Legal Practice

Training students in electronic case management packages at undergraduate level helps develop a current and consistent approach to legal services, that will assist them in securing post graduate employment opportunities with law firms.

Work Based Learning

This module looks at the increased emphasis on work-based learning and especially the importance of work experience. It will also look at how to record and reflect on it, as well as problem solving in the workplace. 

Young Women’s Network Member

Be part of Northern Ireland’s largest and fastest growing business network for women.